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Book of Mormon Feast

An Artistic Tour of Alma 33-39

Alma 33

Alma 33:11


And Thou Didst Hear Me

Elspeth Young

“And thou didst hear me because of mine afflictions and my sincerity; and it is because of thy Son that thou has been thus merciful unto me, therefore I will cry unto thee in all mine afflictions, for in thee is my joy; for thou hast turned thy judgments away from me, because of thy Son.”

In the Book of Mormon a group of people (Zoramites) who were not allowed in the houses of worship because of their poverty questioned the missionary Alma as to how they could worship God.  He quoted an ancient prophet Zenos in teaching that they could pray anywhere and any time, and God would hear and respond.

Alma 34

Alma 34:17-29


“Cry Unto Him”

Marilyn Arnold and Maurine Ozment

Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon, 28

Alma’s missionary companion Amulek answered the poor Zoramites’ question of how to worship God outside of a dedicated building.  He very eloquently told them to pray always, in all places, and for all things important to them.

Cry unto him in field and house, and over all that’s dear;

Cry morning, midday, cry at night, and God our plea will hear.

Alma 36

Alma 36


“I Am Born Now of God”

Marilyn Arnold and Maurine Ozment

Sacred Hymns of the Book of Mormon, 9

The Book of Mormon gives three different accounts of the conversion of Alma the Younger, who later became the chief judge and high priest over the Nephite people in Zarahemla.  This chapter is a transcript of his own words to his son Helaman, as he prepared to give him the prophet responsibility and the gold plate records.  It is a beautiful and eloquent description of his agony because of sin, and his joy in Christ’s grace and forgiveness.  In addition, it is “one of the finest examples of chiastic composition anywhere in world literature.”

I am born now of God, of the Spirit I’m born,

Oh what rapture, what joy, fills my heart!

What light I beheld, and what vision of praise,

And what promise, what hope, it imparts.

Alma 42

Alma 36:12



Robert T. Barrett

Alma 37:23


Gazelem, a Stone

Anthony Sweat

Recently the Church published the first known photographs of one of Joseph Smith’s seer stones. Although sources vary, Joseph Smith apparently found a seer stone when he was 16-years-old while digging a well near his home. Using this stone, Joseph developed his capacity as a seer, searching for buried treasure and lost items. He would later apply this gift to translate the Book of Mormon. With the Hill Cumorah in the background, this painting depicts the youthful Joseph finding his stone, prophesied in the Book of Mormon, “I will prepare unto my servant Gazelem, a stone” (Alma 37:23).

Alma 37:44


Our Liahona

Charles Tuozo

Like the Liahona that guided Lehi and his family, The Book of Mormon is our guide to eternal life.

Alma 32 Alma 40-45